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Santo Coffee Co


Mon - Sat: 7am - 7pm

Sundays: 8am - 6pm


(206) 403-1678


our vision

We are a startup shop formed by a family of driven people with a passion for the craft, palates for quality, and love for community. We have worked to create an experience for our guests where every detail is thoughtfully and intentionally considered. Our attention is focused on more than just brewing a beautiful cup of coffee with the perfect medley of aroma, flavor, and consistency. We understand and respect the farmers’ hard work of bringing the coffee seed to the roaster, who then carefully and diligently brought some of the freshest green coffee you can find to its wonderfully roasted state. This is why you’ll find that we serve a simple menu. We want to serve coffee in some of its purest forms, while selecting the right vessels for specific brews, and engaging with our guests as instant family and friends. We seek to be partners and pioneers in the evolving Seattle specialty coffee scene while making the best impact we can on the people that we meet along the way.



1325 NE 65th St. Seattle, WA 98115


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Santo Coffee Co. is a third-wave coffee collective new to the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle.

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